Enabling Session Cookies

We have determined that your browser settings have disabled support for session cookies. This site requires session cookies to be enabled in order to register, login and maintain a unique customizable view for the user.

Please enable your browsers cookie support before hitting the "Back" button above.

Click here to view our Cookie policy on the use of cookies.

Here are instructions for enabling cookie support in the major browsers. For all other browsers please consult your documentation or online help files. If you do not know your browser version, click on help and then click the About... option.

Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.x

Select Tools -> Internet Options and click the "Privacy" tab. Select the Advanced button. "Override automatic cookie handling" should be unchecked. If it is checked, uncheck it and click OK twice.

Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.x

Select Tools -> Internet Options and click on the "Security" tab. The default selection, "Medium", supports cookies, but you can click on the "Custom Level" button to check. Scroll down until you see the word "Cookies". Check the radio button next to "Enable" selected for "Allow per-session cookies (not stored)" option. Then click on the OK radio button to save the change.

Netscape Communicator 6.x

Choose Edit -> Preferences and click on the "Privacy and Security" option. You will see the cookie options. Make your selection here of either "Enable all cookies" or "Enable cookies for the originating web site only " by selecting a radio button next to one of the options. Then click on the OK button to save the change.